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marley marl

DJ Marley Marl

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Custom landing page created for DJ Marley Marl. Famous for representing the rap Mecca Queensbridge, and known for introducing hip hop producers to sampling. Some of the site features include responsive design, parallax, css animation, and web-based turntables created with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a lil bit of Flash. Combining his SoundCloud streams from WBLS Golden Era Radio, users are able to utilize the 1’s and 2’s to create a DJ-like experience with DJ Marley Marl’s personal mixes.


Lords of the Underground

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Landing page created for Lords of the Underground. They are a legendary Hip Hop group out of Newark, New Jersey most memorable for tracks including “Chief Rocka” and “Funky Child”. Using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I was able to create a responsive parallax landing page for their 20th year anniversary. I took their most famous tracks and transformed them into a fully functional tape-deck from the 90s.


Connectainment β

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Connectainment Beta. Designed UI/UX as well as built the platform from a heavily modified version of Drupal. I integrated social APIs to create a catalogue of millions of artists for users to discover.