Building Connectainment Was One Of My Greatest Achievements

Connectainment is a social media platform with focus on artist discovery and development.
Coded all by myself.

Social Networking

Connect, create and collaborate with people from all over the world with common interests and goals. Users can interact with each other by posting their own material and media files.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram integration, you can sync all your friends through various social networks. Connectainment becomes the central hub of all major social networks.

It also looks great on all devices as Connectainment was built from the ground up with responsive design in mind rather than it being an after thought.

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Artist Discovery

Not only members are able to connect with each other through the social network, Connectainment provides millions of pages of content for free.

Browse through the millions of artists using the Artists directory. Quickly find all information about an artists including YouTube videos, blogs, reviews, news, and related artists.

Combined with a feature-packed media player, users are able to stream tracks from artists using SoundCloud’s API.

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